After having achieved a relentless upward repositioning of successive new-generation Cadillac products, the global luxury and prestige car manufacturer followed through with a number of surprising transformations that took the industry by surprise.

In 2014, the company made a daring and bold decision to move Cadillac Global headquarters from the industrial city of Detroit to Manhattan, New York; adopting a newfound and shared interest in culture, fashion, art and entrepreneurship. Giving meaning to such subjects, Cadillac adopted and announced a new purpose under the title “Dare Greatly”; which today serves as a commitment and a shared belief with those who are progressive and ambitious in their personal and professional lives. Turning purpose into experience, Cadillac completed the transformation and astonished people of downtown New York with the launch of the first ever dynamic and experiential showroom “Cadillac House”; designed to be a permanent space highlighting the Cadillac’s intersection between art, fashion, and design. The ground floor space of the company’s New York SoHo headquarters, houses a coffee shop, art gallery, and fashion pop-up shop. Placed between all three features of the venue are new Cadillac cars and SUVs.

This innovative experience is precicley what Cadillac Saudi Arabia (Aljomaih Automotive Company) set out to achieve during the 11th edition of the Luxury Motor Show (EXCS11), held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh on October 5th till October 8th , 2017.

Inspired by the infamous “Cadillac House”, Cadillac Saudi Arabia surprised event visitors with an exclusive opportunity to witness and take part in a unique automotive experience. The exhibition space featured artistic works by Saudi artist and curator, Dalia Fatani, and created a coffee-house environment for event attendees to relax, read and mingle. During the event, Cadillac invited inspirational persons to tell their “Dare Greatly” story in the form of an interview and a panel discussion open to the public.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Waleed Aljomaih, Chief Operating Officer of Aljomaih Automotive Company, the exclusive dealer for Cadillac in Saudi Arabia, commented as saying:" Today, Cadillac adopts an ideology that encourages people and Cadillac customers to continuously follow their ambition and to help drive the Kingdom forward. A Cadillac owner is a progressive thinker and a determined leader driven by his ambitions and asspirations. This is the true meaning of Cadillac and what it means to "Dare Greatly."

Showcased during the event was the prestige and luxury sedan, the 2018 CT6 Platinum, the XT5 Platinum and the Infamous Escalade. All showcased models offered a great sensation that mimics New York's luxury values and demonstrated to customers the latest in automotive technology trends.