Cadillac most powerful car’s in the history

June 2018: Recently, Saudi automotive market witnessed the revealing of “CTS-V Championship Edition" limited edition car, through Aljomaih Automotive Company, the dealer of Cadillac cars in the Kingdom. Whereas only five cars, out of 25 cars, have been allocated for display in the Saudi market to those who want to own high-performance cars with exterior and interior features and equipment inspired from racing world.

The "Championship Edition" model is considered a crowning of the wining of Cadillac's for the first time in a race for endurance held by the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) for Manufacturers, Drivers and Teams for the year 2017, whereby it won the title in the first year after the brand's return to long-distance racing.

The "CTS-V Championship Edition" model will be exclusively available for Cadillac customers in the Middle East who appreciate the unique advantages and passion for high-performance driving. The new limited edition model includes racing inspired exterior and interior features and equipment including colors, Recaro Sports seats and accessories that add to the already superb driving experience an additional fun sense of high performance with an 8 cylinders high performance engine with a capacity of 6.2 liter which provides 640 sp and a torque of 854 Nm as well as accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

Commenting on this, Christian Sommer, Managing Director of Cadillac Middle East said: "The Cadillac V-Series family has long enjoyed the most prestigious position among car fans and enthusiasts in the Middle East. However, by launching Championship Edition version in the region, we are pleased to contribute more to the excitement and thrilling of our existing and new customers who want to differentiate from others and drive a high-performance sports sedan."

Sommer has pointed out that a certificate would be issued to each owner documenting the ownership of the "CTS-V Championship" vehicle and stating the rank of his vehicle among the list of vehicles available in the Middle East.

The "Championship Edition" model is available in Black Raven or Crystal White with external three-layers and Cadillac V-Performance graphics on the bonnet and the rear spoiler. It also features distinctive fittings including red obsession covers on side mirrors, Dpi-VR graphics on the quarter windows, red Brembo® brake calipers and V-Series wheels with a polished touch and pockets painted in midnight silver.