Complimentary Service & Maintenance available for four years or 100,000km as standard on all Cadillac vehicles
4 Years Roadside Assistance available as standard on all Cadillac vehicles
Worry-free Vehicle Warranty for 4 Years or 100,000km as standard on all Cadillac vehicles
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Performance Every journey memorable The ATS luxury Coupe, is a perfect balance of power, control and precision. With a stunningly dynamic design and powered by a 3.6L V6 engine, it’s a vehicle crafted to deliver an impeccable drive every time, making each ride feel outstanding.
Technology ABUNDANCE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY The ATS Coupe includes a series of advanced technologies that delight. When using Natural Voice Recognition or when it senses your hand nearby, Cadillac CUE® comes to life. It provides visual or vibration feedback to your commands, letting you know your instructions have been applied.
التصميم الداخلي xt4 test Sport at the core of every detail. With stylish presence, speed and agile handling, the 2017 Cadillac ATS Coupe is built for drivers on the go. Its distinct exterior seizes attention, while race-inspired features and a driver-centric interior make every ride more exhilarating. It’s where road reality meets that unique track feeling.
Exteriors Instantly Noticed Every line and curve drawn to seize the attention. As the ATS luxury Coupe approaches, you’ll notice its low athletic stance and iconic grille. While it moves away, you’ll observe the performance dual exhaust and vertical LED rear light signatures. All contributing to the unmistakable look of a Cadillac.

INNOVATIVE LIGHTING See better what’s coming on the road. The Adaptive Forward Lighting technology in the ATS Coupe 2017 directs the aim of the High Intensity Discharge Headlamps into curves, while the IntelliBeam® feature automatically turns high beams on and off, depending on traffic.

ILLUMINATING DOOR HANDLES Function meets beauty. The Illuminating Door Handles on the ATS Coupe 2017 light up when the doors are unlocked, delivering a welcome glow after dark.

INTEGRATED STOP LAMP Let others know your intentions. The LED center stop lamp is embedded within the trunk lid of the ATS Coupe 2017, providing excellent brake-warning visibility, while maintaining a clean and stylish appearance
Safety Advanced safety systems Technology that helps keep you safe. Using a sophisticated network of radars, sensors and cameras, the available safety features in the XT5 crossover monitor the road and alert you of possible hazards. Features like available Side Blind Zone Alert and Pedestrian Collision Mitigation play an active role in your security and that of those around you, for added peace of mind.*